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What is a Spa Facial?

At Bella Terra Spa & Wellness, we use only the highest quality products. Our prominent spa skincare line, [comfort zone], is formulated and produced in Parma, Italy. Using a combination of scientifically proven ingredients and organically grown products, the idea is truly ‘Farm to Lab’.


A Spa Facial is a multi-step skin treatment that is designed for ultimate relaxation with the products focus on the face. Steps can include: cleanses, steam, exfoliation, and some shoulder, neck, arm, and foot massage provided by our Estheticians to enhance the relaxation experience of your Spa Facial. 
All facials are an important part of your skincare routine. They provide nourishment to the skin, promoting a clear and well-hydrated complexion. After a brief consultation and depending on your needs, we will customize a facial treatment and follow up care that will work for you.


Spa Facial 60 min $108
This facial includes a unique multi-step process and a system of facial massage known for myofascial release to encourage collagen elasticity and improve circulation to the face and neck. Results are plumped up lines and wrinkles and deeply hydrated skin.

Ritual Spa Facial 90 min $150
Spa Facial plus your skin will be treated to a double cleanse, followed by concentrated rich serum that build collagen and our special mask and hand and foot massage with [comfort zone] Juvenate Scrub.

Ritual + LED Spa Facial $180
Ritual Spa Facial with the LED Device.

Focus Facial 30 min $75
Considered a “Lunchtime Facial” An express version of the Spa facial, this facial will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Energize tired skin and get you back on track.

Cancellation Policy & Pricing

We understand that everyone’s time is valuable, therefore we have a strict 24 hr policy for cancelation on single appts. For multiple appts on the same day, i.e. spa packages, the policy is 48 hr notice. Cancel your appointment anytime outside of those windows without penalty. If you need to cancel within these times frames, our policy is collect 50% of scheduled service fees. All no shows are billed at 100% of scheduled services. We appreciate your understanding. All pricing is subject to change.