Opening Hours

*By Appointment Tuesday - Friday 9am-7pm / Saturday 9am-2pm

Spa Enhancements

These are our most popular spa enhancement services that can be added to enhance your spa treatment experience. Please note, some are incorporated during your spa treatment, others add time to the duration of your spa treatment.

Add on services available during your facialā€¦

Facial Waxing $14-18
Chin, Upper Lip, Eyebrows or Jawline. See Waxing page for additional waxing services we offer.

Addon Services Available to add to your Facial or Massageā€¦

Couples Room $25
Most services can utilize our couples room, packages, facials, massage or a combination of facial & massage (2 client max capacity) scheduling is limited.

Aromatherapy $10
Take a deep breath with a specifically chosen oil diffused in the air during your treatment. A few options include lavender, citrus oils, or spearmint depending on the intent of the treatment.

Foot Soak & Scrub $35
Soak your feet in our Epsom Salt and Foot Solution followed by an invigorating foot scrub, leaves your feet soft and ready for every occasion. 

Foot Soak & Scrub with Hot Stones $40
Soak your feet in our Epsom Salt and Foot Solution followed by an invigorating foot scrub, with the addition of relaxing hot stones to leave your feet soft and ready for every occasion. 

Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Eye Treatment $25
This innovative hydrogel mask enriched with peptides has an immediate cosmetic action on tired, puffy eyes with dark circles and wrinkles. It visibly improves the look with retrieved luminosity and compactness.

CBD Area Specific Spot Treatment $25.00

Hands or Feet Softening Treatment $15 each

Using eco-fin a plant-based paraffin product, wrap your warmed hands into a cocoon of comfort to soften your skin after a light scrub.

Dry Body Brushing $20

Celluma LED Device $30 (additional 30 min time extension)
A combination of blue, red, and near infrared wavelengths of photo-therapy to enhance the desired needs, such as reduced inflammation, anti-aging and collagen production, or reduced acne, the LED Device uses photo-therapy to improve cellular performance and accelerate tissue repair without downtime.

Body Scrubs $35 addon price, $55 as a stand-alone service
Exfoliate your skin, with salt or sugar and proprietary oils are used to gently loosen dull skin cells to reveal the glowing fresh skin.

Cancellation Policy & Pricing

We understand that everyone’s time is valuable, therefore we have a strict 24 hr policy for cancelation on single appts. For multiple appts on the same day, i.e. spa packages, the policy is 48 hr notice. Cancel your appointment anytime outside of those windows without penalty. If you need to cancel within these times frames, our policy is collect 50% of scheduled service fees. All no shows are billed at 100% of scheduled services. We appreciate your understanding. All pricing is subject to change.