Massage Therapy

Signature Massage 60 min $94

Anything but standard, this is an entry level massage to introduce you to the world of massage therapy. Let our therapists relax your mind and body while you listen to gentle music and focus on your deep breathing. The difference in pricing is dependent on the experience level of the massage therapist.

Luxury Massage 90 min $130

Take even more time for relaxation with the 90 min version of the Signature Massage

Deep Tissue Massage 60 min $104 / 90 min $140

As the name implies, this is a deeper focus of massage, intended to release deep muscle tension for those achy problem spots. Being able to move more fluidly with less pain is the key here, so still a relaxing massage, but the focus is on pain relief

Prenatal Massage 60 min $94 / 90 min $140

A special escape for those moms-to-be, and to help keep those bellies happy, try out prenatal massage. With our specially designed tables and cushions, we can help you find a comfortable position to enjoy your well deserved massage. Please check with your physician before scheduling to rule out any contraindications.

Spa Packages

Additional Services during your massage…
Mini Facial $25

An express version of the Longevity facial, this facial includes a unique system of facial massage known for myofascial release to encourage collagen elasticity and improve circulation to the face and neck as well as a customized chemical peel and serum and moisturizer as needed. This facial will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Hand or Foot softening treatment $10 each

Using our non parrafin based product, Ecofin, we will wrap your warmed hands into a coccoon of comfort to soften your skin

Aromatherapy $10

Take a deep breath with a specifically chosen oil diffused in the air during your treatment. Some choices include lavender, citrus oils, or speramint depending on the intent of the treatment.

Body Scrub $35

A body scrub is an excellent way to exfoliate your skin, especially after time in the sun. Chia seeds and propretary oils are used to gently loosen dull skin cells to reveal the glowing fresh skin that is hiding underneath

Hot Stone Massage 90 min $165

A favorite during fall and winter, this massage is performed with specially heated basalt rocks, used both as a stationary heating element, and a deep tissue massage tool.

Massage Therapy is not just for women.

Massage Therapy